Consortium Member: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

With nearly 18,000 students, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) offers an academic experience fueled by innovative curricula, strong mentoring, and groundbreaking research and scholarship in a highly interdisciplinary environment. UAB was recently among only eleven universities nationwide (and the only Alabama university) to receive the prestigious Beckman Scholars Program Award, which provides scholarships for promising undergraduate researchers at universities that have demonstrated exceptional mentoring and training. UAB is a member of the University Transportation Center for Alabama, which conducts transportation education, research, and technology transfer activities throughout the state and region. UAB is also home to the UAB Sustainable Smart  Cities Research Center, which seeks to foster crossdisciplinary research and training, and to develop innovative solutions for sustainable smart cities and communities.

Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering Faculty

  • Fouad H. Fouad Professor and Chair 205-934-8430
    Expertise: Transportation infrastructure, highway signs, traffic signals, and luminaries, fatigue of highway structures. Full Bio
  • Ian E. Hosch Assistant Professor 205-934-8489
    Expertise: Fatigue of transportation structures. Full Bio
  • Jason Kirby Associate Professor 205-934-8479
    Expertise: Water availability, development of natural sustainable remediation technologies. Full Bio
  • Robert Peters Professor 205-934-8434
    Expertise: Environmental Engineering, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Physical/Chemical Treatment; Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Sonication/Acoustic Cavitation, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Water Chemistry, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Engineering Hydrogeology, Catalytic Oxidation for Treatment of Exhaust from Mobile Sources, Competitive Adsorption, Treatment of Heavy Metal Wastes. Full Bio
  • Talat Salama Associate Professor 205-934-8462
    Expertise:Non-destructive evaluation of bridges. His work utilized Bridge Weigh-In-Motion (B-WIM) technology, and was involved the validation of bridge structure design procedures and models of the new AASHTO-LRFD code, Structural analysis using Finite Element modeling tools such as ABAQUS and ANSYS, Rehabilitation, retrofitting and strengthening of structural members using FRP. Full Bio
  • Dean Sicking  Professor 205-934-8492
    Expertise: SAFER barriers. Full Bio
  • Virginia P. Sisiopiku Associate Professor 205-934-9912
    Expertise: Intelligent transportation systems, congestion management, traffic operations and safety, simulation and modeling, non-motorized transportation, and transportation security. Full Bio
  • Andrew Sullivan Instructor 205-934-8414
    Expertise: Transportation Engineering. Full Bio
  • Nasim Uddin Professor 205-934-8432
    Expertise: Structural Engineering, bridge repair, WIM. Full Bio
  • Christopher J. Waldron Assistant Professor 205-934-8435
    Expertise: Structural Engineering, bridge construction. Full Bio

Psychology Faculty

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