Consortium Member: University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a bustling research institution in the heart of the state. Situated in the prime location of Orlando, the university offers opportunities in many fields that benefit students while they are in school, helping them land a career upon graduation. UCF prides itself on being an ever-changing and evolving research center. More than 56,000 students attend classes on UCF’s main campus and its ten regional campuses, which are located throughout Central Florida. The university is a catalyst for growth for the area, bringing its benefits to the entire community. UCF houses the Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (CATSS). CATSS has a theme consisting of four core research focuses: Advance Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Communications, Traffic Safety, Simulation and Advanced Training for Transportation Applications, and Congestion Pricing.

Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering Faculty

  • Mohamed Abdel-Aty Deputy Director, Transportation Safety and Operation Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (CATSS), Editor-in-Chief of Accident Analysis and Prevention, Professor 407-823-4535
    Expertise: Traffic Safety Analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Simulation, Transportation Demand Analysis, Transportation Planning Concepts and Methods, Computer, Statistical and Econometrics Applications in Transportation Engineering Full Bio
  • Haitham Al-Deek Professor 407-823-2988
    Expertise: Traffic Operations, Incident Detection, Traffic Simulation, Intelligent Transportation Systems. Full Bio
  • Amir Bahzadan  Wharton Smith Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor 407-823-2480
    Expertise: Urban infrastructure monitoring, information tehnology, modeling simulation, and visualization of engineering operations, artificial intelligence and neural networks in construction. Full Bio
  • Necati Catbas  Professor 407-823-3743
    Expertise: Analysis, Design and Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems, Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Full Bio
  • Rami Harb  Congestion Pricing Program Director, Adjunct Professor 407-823-2841
    Expertise: Congestion pricing, intelligent transportation systems, traffic simulaton, driving simulators, traffic safety. 
  • Kevin Mackie  Associate Chair, Associate Professor 407-823-2857
    Expertise: Earthquake engineering, Performance-based engineering,Multiple-hazard assessment and design, Structural reliability, Structural dynamics, Nonlinear analysis, Bridge engineering, High-performance materials and composites. Full Bio
  • Amr Oloufa Director of Construction Programs, Professor 407-823-3592
    Expertise: Geographic Information Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Object-oriented and Relational Databases, Simulation of Construction Operations. Full Bio
  • BooHyun Nam  Assistant Professor 407-823-1361
    Expertise: Subsurface characterization of geotechnical and pavement systems, nondestructive evaluation of civil infrastructures, senor technologies, pavement monitoring and evaluation, management and preservation. Full Bio
  • Essam Radwan Executive Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation - CATSS, Interim Chair 407-823-4738
    Expertise: Traffic Engineering and Operations, Traffic Simulation, Driving Simulators, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Congestion Pricing. Full Bio
  • Omer Tatari  Assistant Professor, Director, Sustainability Lab @ UCF 407-823-6558
    Expertise: Environmental life cycle assessment, carbon and ecological footprint analyses, energy efficiency and eco-efficiency analyses, dynamic modeling of sustainable infrastructure and energy systems. Full Bio
  • Hae-Bum Yun Assistant Professor 407-823-0176
    Expertise: Nonlinear system identification and stochastic analysis, structural health monitoring and control, smart, remote and embedded sensing techniques, web-based infrastructure monitoring systems and remote experiments. Full Bio

Psychology Faculty

  • Peter Hancock  Pegasus Professor, Provost Distinguished Research Professor, Director, MIT2 Research Laboratories 407-823-2310
    Expertise: Human factors, ergonomics, driving simulation, driver performance, human relations to technology, human performance, behavioral evaluaton. Full Bio

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