Georgia Tech's Kurtis presents at Georgia/Carolinas Precast Concrete Institute

The Georgia/Carolinas Precast Concrete Institute's annual membership meeting was held from June 12-15 of this year, and one of Georgia Tech's own was among those invited to present at the meeting. At the meeting, which was held in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Dr. Kimberly gave a presentation on some of her group's ongoing research.

This work is in the field of evaluating the use of limestone-blended (Type IL) cements for precast applications. Recently introduced into the market, Type IL cements may potentially help reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions traditionally associated with concrete construction.

Dr. Kurtis, along with Dr. Lawrence Kahn and graduate students Ahmad Shalan and Behnaz Zaribaf, has been researching the early age strength development of this type of cement, along with its other properties, and comparing their results to those of traditional cement. 

NCTSPM is a proud sponsor of Dr. Kurtis' research. 

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