Information Services in Social Networked Transportation

Project Description: 

Traditionally, transportation is understood as the physical displacement of people, goods, and vehicles. Information technology is often used to model the system or to optimize the system. Here, however, we see information as the essence of the system. In the social networked paradigm we reconceptualize transportation as an information ecosystem in an institutional landscape. This project will analyze information flows and institutions in surface transportation in order to promote new information services. It attempts to illuminate the evolving role of state DOTs as transportation becomes more information intensive.

Objectives / Tasks:

  1. Theory: Develop a Class on Social Networked Transportation
  2.  Distill Lessons from the IT and Energy Sectors
  3. Survey and Analysis of Transportation Systems
  4. Toward Action: Trends, Visions and Strategies for Transportation

Final Report:

Information Services in Social Networked Transportation: Governance and ITS

Project Information Forms:

  1. January 2013
  2. July 2013
  3. January 2014
  4. June 2014


  1. Misra, Aditi, Aaron Gooze, Kari Watkins, Mariam Asad and Christopher Le Dantec. “Crowdsourcing and Its Application to Transportation Planning” Transportation Research Record #2414, pp. 1 – 8, 2014.
Principal Investigator(s) Contact Information: and
Georgia Institute of Technology
Start and End Dates: 
05/1/12 - 06/30/14
Economic Competitiveness

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