Mobile Technology Usage amongst the Transit-Riding Populace

Project Description: 

If transit agencies hope to retain choice riders and increase ridership, they need to allow riders to maintain some control over their trips by providing them with real-time information. Unknown wait times mean riders will stand at a corner scanning the horizon for an approaching bus, wondering when or if it will come. If riders can know when the bus will actually arrive, the entire picture changes. This project will analyze how transit information should be presented to the public in an equitable manner. This addresses the prevailing use of smartphones for real-time transit data, the market penetration of smartphones among transit riders, and other ways to make the data accessible to the public.

Final Report

Mobile Technology Usage amongst the Transit-Riding Populace


  1. Windmiller, Sarah, Todd Hennessy and Kari Watkins, “Accessibility of Communication Technology and the Rider Experience: Case Study of St. Louis Metro” Transportation Research Record #2415, pp. 118-126, 2014.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Start and End Dates: 
05/01/12 - 06/30/14

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