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Research: NCTSPM Projects

NCTSPM supports research projects at each of our consortium universities. Research focuses on safety, transportation infrastructure and services, and economic competiveness.
Project Title Principal Investigator(s) University Topic
Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness of Illumination as a Safety Treatment at Rural Intersections Guin, Angshuman, Suh, Wonho, Rodgers, Michael, Purcell, Roger
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Middle Georgia State College
Safety, State-of-Good-Repair, Economic Competitiveness
Extending HYRISK to Predict Scour Risk as a Function of Soil Erodibility Characteristics Garrow, Laurie, Sturm, Terry
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
Field Validation of a Drive-By Bridge Inspection System with Wireless BWIM and NDE Devices Wang, Yang, Uddin, Nasim, Jacobs, Laurence, Kim, Jin-Yeon
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Full-Scale Wall of Wind Testing of Variable Message Signs (VMS) Structures to Develop Drag Coefficients for AASHTO Supports Specifications Chowdhury, Arindam, Fouad, Fouad H. , Hosch, Ian, Mirmiran, Amir
  • Florida International University
Impact and Feasibility Study of Solutions for Doubling Heavy Vehicles Uddin, Nasim
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
Safety, State-of-Good-Repair
Innovative Modular High Performance Lightweight Decks for Accelerated Bridge Construction Mirmiran, Amir , Zohrevand, Pedram, Mackie, Kevin, Fouad, Fouad
  • Florida International University, University of Central Florida, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Next Generation Crack Sealing Planning Tool for Pavement Preservation Tsai, James, Wang, Zhaohua, Yezzi, Anthony, Nam, Boohyun
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida


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