Michael Hunter

Dr. Hunter is an Associate Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His primary teaching and research interests are in transportation operations and design, specializing in adaptive signal control, traffic simulation, freeway geometric design, and arterial corridor operations. He has conducted numerous traffic impact studies, signal timing projects, freeway operation evaluations, toll plaza analyses, etc. Full Bio

Michael O. Rodgers
Deputy Director

Dr. Rodgers is the director of the Georgia Tech Air Quality Laboratory, holding academic and/or research appointments in the Georgia Tech Schools of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Public Policy. Dr. Rodgers has a long and distinguished record in air quality research, serving as principal investigator on research projects totaling more than $20 million since 1988 including numerous projects on field and laboratory measurements of pollutants and instrument development and intercomparison. Full Bio

Catherine Ross
Deputy Director

Dr. Ross is the Harry West Professor of City and Regional Planning and the Director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development. She is an internationally recognized expert on transportation systems planning, urban planning and quality growth. She has extensive experience in both the public and private sector. Full Bio

Charlene Mingus
Research Scientist I
Charlene is a Research Scientist Iat the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as the program coordinator for NCTSPM. She is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a dual Master of City and Regional Planning and Master of Science with a major in Civil Engineering. Full Bio





NCTSPM Partners:

Fouad H. Fouad
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Professor and Chair, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Fouad is Professor and Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. He teaches and conducts research in the area of reinforced concrete structures and concrete materials, and has published numerous technical papers in the field. His research efforts have led to the development of national standards and specifications for a number of sustainable green concrete products and building systems. Full Bio

Albert Gan
Florida International University
Professor, Transportation Engineering
Dr. Gan is a Professor with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Florida International University. His areas of research have included highway safety, traffic simulation, ITS, GIS, transit planning, and demand modeling. Recognizing the data-dependent nature of the transportation field, Dr. Gan has focused his recent research on developing innovative methods and tools that facilitate the collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of transportation data. Full Bio

Essam Radwan
University of Central Florida
Professor and Chair, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Dr. Radwan is the Interim Chair of UCF's Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering and Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation. His research has recently focused on the use of driving simulators to conduct traffic engineering studies to enhance the operation and safety of highways and streets, as well as transportation evacuation under hurricane threats. He has also conducted research in numerous transportation applications including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), highway safety, computer simulation of traffic flow and operations, transportation of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes including nuclear spent fuels, and regional freight transportation modeling. Full Bio

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